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New Year’s Daily Marketing Plan Strategies Made Easy

Here we are, where we were last year and the year before and where we will be next year. I know that’s a mouthful but it’s true!

Every year at this time we take a look back to the past year and see how we can make this year better. Even if last year was a great year, we can also do it better this year. Or different anyway.

I want to share with you some simple daily strategies that you can use starting right now to get your business off on the right foot this year.

Don’t over complicate it. Keep it simple.

It’s not unusual for us to get in to overwhelm. This can be true especially if you are a creative type with all kinds of wonderful ideas running through your head. Maybe it’s the details that get to you.

If you are a detail person you may get into overwhelm because you see all those things that need to get done and what to focus on first.

I believe for the most part this is more a women’s issue than a man’s. Most men I know don’t get so caught up in the details. Is it a girl thing?

Let’s address the time issue. As you well know, time is a non-renewable resource. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and it isn’t coming back. There are 2 different ways to use time:

1. Investing Time

2. Spending Time

Spending time is playing around on Facebook or Twitter. Although we get clients from social media unless it’s very focused business building time, it’s simply time spent.

Hopefully, you are making connections with people and transforming those connections into a growing number of clients. If you do this systematically and it’s paying off for you, then this is investing time.

You need a structure, you need systems and you need an outline. After you have that in place you can go fill in the details and the ‘how to’s.

I suggest you start first with how much money you want to make this year. What is your Bold Money Goal?

And this doesn’t have to be for the year. I would suggest you make it more short term. Anywhere from 30 day to 60 days would work fine.

When you set this number I want you to stretch beyond what is comfortable for you. I don’t want it to be crazy either, a number that is just too far out of reach, at least for you right now.

Now you have your number so you are ready for your next step.

I want you to make 3 ‘opportunity’ calls per day. This is part of your structure. These calls are to ask someone about a possible joint venture, set up a speaking engagement or interviewing someone for a teleseminar. You want to be proactive here and make those calls. Don’t sit around waiting for people to contact you.

Next step is setting up ‘strategy’ sessions to speak to possible clients. Make 3 of these a day. You might call them ‘connecting calls’. Who have you met at a networking event or a conference? Who can you follow up with? What about people you talked to months ago but they didn’t hire you then. Call them back and see how they are doing.

That’s 6 calls per day and you’ll probably get voice mail most of the time. I suggest you track your calls. Who you talked to, who you left a voice mail for and need to follow up etc.

The last thing I want you to do is 1 to 3 tasks towards your 30 or 60 days Bold Money Goals. Is it a new program or new service you are offering?

To wrap up, these are just 3 daily things for you to do to get you to reach the income you have set for yourself. Don’t make this harder than it is. These 3 tasks are not difficult.

They may take some guts and they make take some planning but this is just one way you can move yourself forward and reach that Bold Money Goal that you have set for yourself.

Start making a list of people you can contact, possible future clients and how you are going to reach your Bold Money Goal. Keep this list on your desk or by your computer so you can add to it as opportunities arise. You’ll be amazed how this will help you move you and your business further along.

How to Squeeze Every Bit of Marketing Juice From Your Daily Marketing Efforts

Five years ago, making money online was a lot easier. You wrote some articles, posted them, did some SEO, added in some web 2.0 properties, and the traffic would start to come in. But five years is a long time, and the internet is growing up.

Actually, it isn’t just internet technology that’s growing up. The average internet user is much more tech savvy and sophisticated as well. What this means for those of us trying to make money online is that we’ve got a lot more work to do than we would have five years ago.

Clear out your “juicing area”

What do I mean by that? Simple. You need to set up your work area. Usually when we’re about to do marketing online we send out articles and update our web properties. But you need to have a rough idea of just what exactly you’ll be doing for the next few hours.

This is going to involve sticking to a rough guideline. Don’t start one campaign, only to let it rot half way through because you got bored with it. Remember, if you want to call yourself a business person, you have to do the things that keep you in business.

Don’t make your “juice” by hand

Remember the good old days when you just got out the old hand juicer and pressed your orange onto it, to get your freshly squeezed orange juice? No, of course you don’t. We have tools that do juicing for us. And we have tools that do our internet marketing for us as well.

Some of the tools you’ll be using on a daily basis will include web 2.0 properties, including Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo and Wetpaint. You’ll be using RSS aggregators, directories, and submitters. These will be sites like Feedagg, Feedburner, and Plazoo.

Other important online tools will be document publishing sites like DocStock and Scribd; podcast production sites like Podbean and PodcastAlley; video upload and distribution services like Youtube, Dailymotion and TubeMogul; and finally, a Digg account.

Plug in your “link mixers”

Now, to get the most link juice out of any article you write, you’ll need to have all your tools set up before hand. Write your article and submit it to a high PR article site. Create a summary of your article, and submit it to each of your web 2.0 properties, taking care to give each one a slightly different variation.

Because those web properties also have their own rss feeds, submit those feeds to the rss directories. You only need to submit those feeds one time. After that, they will automatically ping the directories as their content gets updated by you.

Create a pdf file from your article and submit it to Scribd and Docstoc. Make sure you create an rss feed for those sites as well using Page2Rss.

Now make a podcast from that same article by using Audacity and record yourself reading the article out loud. Submit this as an mp3 file to Podbean and PodcastAlley.

Take that podcast that you just made and turn it into a video. If you’re a windows user, just use the built in windows movie maker to make a “slide show” of the important points in your article. Submit your video to TubeMogul.

As a last step, send a dig from your Digg account to your Squidoo or blogger page.

That sounds like a lot of work. But it’s smart work and great leverage. Google loves to see this kind of variation, and it’s the best way to make money online by squeezing every bit of marketing juice from your daily marketing efforts.

Buying Network Marketing Leads – Is This One of the Quickest Ways to Kill Your Business?

Buying network marketing leads and phone prospecting is not the best way to market, is not the best way to duplicate and is not the best use of your time. In my opinion, to choose such a difficult path to success in your business is suicide and for many it is.

In my less experienced, more naive days I would believe what was taught by up-line, that buying network marketing leads was a way to build your business, I know they would teach tens or hundreds of people to buy MLM leads as a way grow their businesses too. In reality this just doesn’t happen.

There is another common belief that seems to have taken hold, that “well these techniques we know to be pretty ineffective but nonetheless if we get a lot of people achieving a little at least some us can earn a reasonable income out of this c***.” Though in reality it’s often people attempting to do an awful lot with redundant, ineffective or very expensive methods that’s the problem, ever wonder why there is such a low retention ratio in most businesses.

You see really most of the ‘old school leaders’ are often times ignorant themselves to these ‘new’ effective marketing techniques, for the most part it really has been a bunch of amateurs that know nothing about marketing teaching a bunch of amateurs who know nothing about marketing.

I believe this ‘old school’ approach is irresponsible, it is not in their best interests or for the industry as a whole in the long term, to carry on ‘teaching’ out of ineffective, costly and very poor performing methods.

What’s the solution? Don’t buy leads, please just ignore the pleas an protestations of your up-line to buy very expensive, untargeted leads and spend hundreds of hours chasing people on the phone. The first goal of your business is to make a profit as quickly as possible, not put yourself in debt as quickly as possible.

So if you implement the method of article marketing I described on day one and include another simple to implement marketing strategy, that of forum marketing, which I will briefly outline.

Firstly register with some of the better forums and check in the forum rules whether you’re allowed to add a signature to your posts, this then will give you the ability to passively promote your offer in the forum this will be in the form of a punchy ‘copy written’ hook and link to your blog or landing page.

Within your signature file try to feature something interesting to your audience, something of genuine value or news-worthy. Again you could take many news headlines in traditional print media and rework them to meet your own requirements… e.g. 7 reasons to (fill in your own copy) read more here, 9 Facts why (fill in your own copy) learn more here (all linking to your site, blog or landing page)… etc.

Once you’ve created your editorial style hook in your signature just enter the debate, literally enter the conversation by contributing discussion and providing helpful solutions to fellow members. Never overtly promote your business, product or services as you’ll get flamed, chastised in no uncertain terms and likely booted out for contravening the forums rules.

Here is a list of forums, go out and find more if you can but I suggest just entering the conversation daily with about five highly targeted forums and post daily. Make this along with everything else, a regular part of your daily marketing routine.

- BetterNetworker
- homeworking
- AbLake
- Entrepreneur-web
- TraderOnline
- SitePoint
- MoneyMakerGroup
- WorkAtHomeBusiness
- Ryze
- EntrepreneursAbout

Above is a list of suggested forums that i recommend you start with. If you are diligent in your approach using the two techniques I can say with certainty that you’ll be bringing in 10-20 leads per day within 30 Days which I guarantee will transform your business.