Number 1 Mistake By Internet Marketing Newbies

There are a lot of Internet Marketing newbies these days. As the Internet Marketing Industry continues to boom there will only be more and more Internet Marketing newbies coming in to the game.

But a lot of the time, as fast as they are joining this lucrative industry, they running scared, frustrated by lack of breakthrough and probably a few dollars lighter too. But why do so many Internet Marketing newbies fail to make that breakthrough?

Well obviously there are tons of individual reasons. Ranging from, was never really committed in the first place to the lack of instant success. Today I don’t really want to waste time on those kind of time wasters. Today I won’t to focus on those that really are committed and really do put the hours in every day.

Why are even the committed, hardworking Internet Marketing newbies failing? Well, I can really speak from experience here. You see when I very first started put in this game I was the most committed, hardworking newbie out there. Working at my laptop until my eyes bled! That was me!

But I was not getting any success. It would break me to work so hard yet go days or even weeks without generating a single lead! So what was the problem? And more importantly how did I fix it?

The problem was simple. I was working hard, but not at the right stuff and certainly not in any kind of structure. How did I fix it? Simple again. I got an Internet Marketing Coach, two in fact. They pinpointed out exactly where I was failing and helped me to create a daily marketing schedule that, if stuck to, would give me the foundations and initial success in online business. Simple as that.

Why don’t more Internet Marketing newbies do this? Thing is a lot of newbies don’t have coaches, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in my opinion. Secondly I truly believe that most newbies getting into the game these days have been exposed to so many sales letters and sales videos promising so much and making out like this is the sexiest business to be involved in, that they are kind of brain washed into thinking that if they are being repetitive and methodical in their efforts to make money online, then something is wrong!

This is crazy! I first got success online through a daily marketing schedule of repetitive and thought out methodical tasks. I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but unless you have some nice capital to throw at your business, then this is the way it is.

It is especially like this is you start part-time, I did and most others do too. It is also like this if funds are tight, mine were and most others are too. So the message is simple. Make a daily plan, stick to it, and get to work!

Without a doubt in my mind, I feel the number one mistake made by Internet Marketing newbies is to be inconsistent in their marketing efforts. Consistency is key in this game.

My advice to any Internet Marketing newbies reading this is to get the right training, get the right coach and like I just said, get to work!